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  • If you are looking for cabinets, Tom is your guy. I'm absolutely convinced there is no other way to go. He makes standard cabinets for less than you'll find at Lowes and Home Depot, and you're going to get WAY better quality. Seriously. He's incredibly knowledgeable about woodworking. He's been building custom furniture for 20 years. Cabinets are easy for him and he does great work. He can get as custom as you want with the cabinets. He does his own measurements and delivers the cabinets (no additional charge). You can even design your kitchen with his software and change it a hundred times before he gets started on the cabinets. He's the nicest guy you'll find to work with, very patient.

    Ashley Walker
  • What a marvelous job and difference it made to our old kitchen cabinets. It's like having a whole new kitchen! They look brand new, the quality, color and texture are phenomenal and about 1/3 the price of what installing new cabinets as nice as these were going to cost us. We shopped around, before deciding on refacing vs new cabinets and we are so glad we did. The quality was excellent and the labor done with the refacing was meticulous and top notch. The installer did a great job on the work, as well as the little finishing details. We would gladly recommend Dream Kitchen Crafters to anyone considering replacing or refacing your cabinets.

    Peter M.

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